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IN STOCK Real World Oopsie - Hand Dyed Yarn

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Oopsies! Real World with some grey speckles. I was speckling Fur Coat on a windy day and those glorious speckles blew around the shed onto the Real World skeins. The speckles are super dainty that you honestly probably wont even notice them

The most iconic retro leotards you ever did see. I remember when pictures first came out of Margot and Ryan in these outfits on the beach, and that was where the hype for this movie really began!

"I told you there'd be beach!"

This colourway is available on:

    • DK 8 ply Australian Extra Fine Merino - 100g, 250m

Note the colourway may look slightly different on your screen than it does in person. I have taken the picture to reflect as close to the colourway as possible. I recommend turning up the brightness on your device

As the yarns are all hand dyed, slight variations can occur between dye lots so it is recommended that you buy enough for your project at the one time. Where possible, your yarns will be dyed from the same dye lot and even in the same pan to maintain consistency